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Thank you for your interest in our free ebook, “10 Minute Job Search Success” In this ebook, you’ll discover short, powerful strategies and tactics from 15 leading job search experts to help make your job search more successful. Each chapter features a 10-minute interview where an expert shares their single best job search secret and shows you exactly how to apply it.

For example, you’ll discover:

bullet.gif 17x19 How imagining your perfect job will lead to uncovering not only your ideal company but inspired direction for a more satisfying work experience, all explained by David Brownstein.
bullet.gif 17x19 Dan Weigold reveals why creating a purpose statement can align your strengths, gifts and talents to directly enhance your resume and cover letter.
bullet.gif 17x19 Start using top hidden strategy secrets and research techniques revealed by Donna Sweidan.
bullet.gif 17x19 Applicant tracking systems expert - Sean Cook explains resume wording resources to ensure your resume gets in the hands of the hiring manager.
bullet.gif 17x19 Debbie Melnikoff explains how to use Social Media to make the important connections before your perfect job is ever even announced.
bullet.gif 17x19 Mary Elizabeth Bradford will teach you how to fully leverage yourself in your niche industry by taking advantage of the hidden job market.
bullet.gif 17x19 Plus fast action job search advice from 10 more leading experts